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Fluidic Energy is dedicated to transforming the way electricity is generated, delivered and consumed by delivering a truly innovative energy storage approach. The world’s focus on sustainable energy and grid stabilization has put greater emphasis on the need for storage to solve the longstanding issues associated with renewables’ intermittency, demand response, load shifting, backup power and grid security. Various storage technologies are being pursued today to address these industry needs, however most of these endeavors have fallen short on the cost targets necessary for practical commercial adoption.

Fluidic Energy’s core technology enables a fundamentally lower cost and its high energy density delivers ultra-long run times in comparison to traditional batteries. This breakthrough technology is establishing a new benchmark for environmental friendliness, making it ideally suited for customer-sited applications and utility sized applications.

The industry has spoken and the message is clear: an innovative and breakthrough approach to energy storage is required to enable the transformation to a cleaner, safer, and smarter grid. Fluidic Energy is delivering on that mandate. Cost-Effective, Clean, Safe, Sustainable… Smart.