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FonsBD Profile

FONSBD (Fiber Optic Network Solutions Bangladesh Ltd) is the only manufacturer in Bangladesh to export Fiber Optic Products for last 18 years
It’s a Joint Venture with USA & Danish Fiber Company. It is Located at 143/1 New Baily Road, Dhaka-1000,Bangladesh.

FONSBD Specializes with the Following Network Products and Components:

FONSBD emphasizes to PDCA (Plan, Do, Correct & Act) System to ensure all customers get the products with optimum cost effecincy and on time solutions of the highest quality of international standard by achieving zero defect in quality. It is an ISO9001:2004 certificed company for Quality and Environmental Management.

FONSBD is exporting products to Australia, Denmark. France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherland, USA and other Countries.

Manufacturing capacity
  • FC/LC/MTRJ/SC/ST/E2000/ Lx, 5 Termination/year 850 000 pcs
  • Connector (ST/SC) Assembly/ year 2,184 000 pcs
  • Adapter (ST) Assembly/year 1248 000 ocs
  • Adapter (ST) Assembly/year 168 480 pcs
  • Light Guide/year 40000 pcs